What To Know About Mandatory Sentencing in Colorado

Colorado Law Requires a Mandatory Minimum Sentence for Certain Offenses & Offenders

Mandatory minimum sentences often come into play with violent crime cases. For the accused, that can mean the real threat of much longer prison sentences. Life in prison could be on the table when the most serious charges and cases are involved.

At The Datz Law Firm, P.C., our Broomfield criminal defense lawyers have extensive experience handling cases that involve mandatory minimum sentencing. As former prosecutors who have been on the defense side of the aisle for years, we have the perspective, knowledge, and skills to mount strong defense cases for various charges with mandatory minimum sentences.

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When Are Mandatory Minimum Sentences Imposed in Colorado?

Two circumstances usually trigger mandatory minimum sentences for Colorado criminal cases. According to Colorado mandatory minimum sentencing laws, these sentences can be invoked based on the:

  1. Charge: Under Colorado law, convictions for violent crimes must come with sentences that are “at least the midpoint in the presumptive range for that felony offense.” When two or more violent crimes are involved in a single incident, the law requires a consecutive (not concurrent) sentence, unless an exception applies. That means the sentences for multiple convictions of violent crimes (arising from the same incident) will usually have to be served back to back (instead of at the same time).
  2. Accused: If the accused is a “habitual offender,” mandatory minimum sentences can apply when (s)he is convicted of a class 1 to a class 6 felony. In these cases, the sentence must be “three times the maximum of the presumptive range for the felony class for which the person is convicted.”

When it comes to mandatory minimum sentencing, the bottom line is that the lawyer who is in your corner matters. While your attorney can impact the strength of your case, (s)he can also help you mitigate or minimize the risk of mandatory minimum sentencing, helping you seek a resolution that is as favorable as possible.

How Can I Avoid the Possibility or Mandatory Minimum Sentencing?

Contact a Broomfield criminal defense attorney at The Datz Law Firm, P.C. We can help you determine your best defense options, working relentlessly to:

  • Build and present the strongest possible defense case
  • Try to get the charges reduced, when possible, to reduce the risk of mandatory minimum sentencing
  • Position your case for the best possible outcome

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