New evidence suggests that drugged driving fatalities officially surpassed the number of drunk driving deaths in car accidents. More people who died driving car accidents in 2015 tested positive for drugs in their systems than alcohol, according to Governors Highway Safety Association and the Foundation for Advancing Alcohol Responsibility who put out a joint report titled “Drug-impaired Driving.”

The data the report points to is the surprising fact that 43 percent of those drivers who died tested positive for drugs, while only 37 percent of those drivers who died the same year tested positive for alcohol.

“Data in the report showed that for the first time, there are more dead drivers for which we have test results that are positive for drugs than there are who were positive for alcohol,” said Highway Safety North independent safety expert James Hedlund.1

Top 10 Ways to Curb Drugged Driving

Top 10 Ways to Curb Drugged Driving: GHSA Recommendations | Broomfield DUI Attorney

Top 10 Ways to Curb Drugged Driving: GHSA Recommendations | Broomfield DUI Attorney

The following recommendations were provided by the GHSA’s report to states as a way to help reduce driving while ability impaired by drugs (DUID):1

  1.  Assess your state’s drugged driving issues and evaluate how your state stands.
  2. Build relationships with stakeholders, including groups/business in the marijuana industry, health groups, and industry activists.
  3. Create a DUID strategic plan, working with stakeholders and groups.
  4. Develop and implement education campaigns on DUID, including topics about the enormity of the problem, risks of drugged driving, and laws and penalties for DUID, including prescription drugs.
  5. Establish a zero-tolerance approach and laws for dealing with illegal drugs, and drugs taken while driving.
  6. Establish a per se law for marijuana, if the states has a legal recreational marijuana use law.
  7. Examine your state’s DUID laws and revise or update as needed, including separate charges and penalties for DUI and DUID, allowing oral and bodily fluid for screening tests, include fluid tests for implied consent laws, make penalties for test refusal, and DUI and DUID laws are comparable.
  8. Train law enforcement officers, prosecutors, and judges on DUID awareness.
  9. Test all fatally-injured drivers for drugs, all arrested DUID drivers for drugs, and ensure that laboratories provide drug test results in a timely manner for prosecution of DUID cases.
  10. Screen all DUID and DUI offenders to identify additions or health problems; track DUID and DUIs separately for independent data; use surveys to track public perceptions; and evaluate the effectiveness of laws and program changes.

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1“’Drugged driving’ surpasses drunken driving among drivers killed in crashes, report finds” published in CNN Health, April 2017.