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How you get through a sex crimes case often comes down to the lawyer who is in your corner. When you are facing sex crimes charges, your reputation, career, freedom, and future can be in jeopardy. Make sure you have the strongest possible defense when you need it most. Make sure you have a Broomfield sex crimes lawyer at The Datz Law Firm, P.C. on your side.

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Strategic Sex Crimes Defense Representation from a 5-Star Broomfield Criminal Defense Law Firm

The Broomfield sex crimes lawyers at The Datz Law Firm, P.C. have decades of criminal law experience. This has empowered us with the knowledge and skills to craft strong defense cases for a range of misdemeanor and felony sex crime charges, including those that carry the potential for indeterminate sentencing.

As former district attorneys, our Broomfield sex crimes lawyers know how prosecutors build and present their cases. We use that experience and insight to anticipate their tactics and effectively challenge them in any legal setting. That’s how we provide superior defense representation and how we’ve built a reputation for excellence.

Beyond our extensive trial experience and record of success, we also offer compassionate, personal service. We know that allegations of sex crime charges can be frustrating, stressful, and overwhelming. That’s why we are committed to offering the advocacy and service we would expect if we were in your shoes.

Here’s a look at the various types of sex crime cases The Datz Law Firm, P.C. handles. For answers about your situation, contact our law firm today.

Age of Consent

The age of consent in Colorado is 17, with some exceptions. Violating the age of consent laws in Colorado can result in a range of charges, including serious felonies.


First-time prostitution charges are usually class 3 misdemeanors in Colorado. While that can mean up to 6 months in jail upon conviction, it may also result in other negative consequences, like permanent damage to careers and relationships.

Sexual Assault

The Datz Law Firm, P.C. defends clients in various types of sexual assault cases, including (but not limited to) those involving charges of rape, sexual assault involving children, and more.

Get Former Prosecutors in Your Corner: Contact a Broomfield Sex Crimes Lawyer at The Datz Law Firm, P.C.

Whether you are facing charges of unlawful sexual contact, need help with sex offender registry removal, or it’s time to fight other sex crime charges, you can rely on The Datz Law, P.C. for:

  • Superior defense representation
  • Responsive, client-focused service
  • Clear answers and honest advice at every step
  • Effective counsel in the pursuit of the best possible resolution

The Datz Law Firm, P.C. can help you get through this challenging time, working diligently to set your case up for success so that you can move on to a brighter future.

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