Sealing & Expunging Criminal Record

If you have ever been arrested or charged with a crime, these incidents appear on your criminal record and are visible to anyone who conducts a background check on you. Having a criminal record can significantly affect your career and educational opportunities and professional reputation. These concerns are all the more important with respect to offenses committed by juveniles. No one wants mistakes made as a child to cost them important opportunities later in life.

If you have a criminal record, you should talk to a Broomfield criminal defense attorney at The Datz Law Firm about the possibility of sealing and expunging your criminal record.

Seal and Expunge: The Process

In Colorado, the process for sealing criminal records involves: (1) filing a petition with the court, (2) notifying all law enforcement authorities of your petition, (3) participating in a hearing where all interested parties can present arguments, evidence, and testimony, and (4) notifying all law enforcement authorities if the judge decides to grant your request. The experienced criminal defense attorneys at The Datz Law Firm can lead you through this difficult and sometimes frustrating process.

Sealing and expunging your record will allow you to treat the underlying criminal matter as if it never occurred. If anyone (except a narrow category of officials) asks about your past offenses, law enforcement officers must respond by saying that there is “no record” of any offenses.

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