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Case Sealing and Expungement

For those with a criminal history in the state of Colorado, record sealing and expungement serve as an enticing way to limit access to one’s criminal record. It is well known that a felony or a crime on one’s record can often pose problems down the road with housing and employment opportunities, amongst other areas of life. The experienced team at Datz Law Firm can handle the record sealing and expungement process to help ensure your eligibility and guide you toward a clean criminal record. 
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How Do Case Sealing And Expungement Work?

In Colorado, expungement and record sealing offer individual’s the opportunity to limit access to their criminal records. Record sealing makes a criminal record inaccessible to the general public. This means that an individual’s criminal record is typically hidden from most background checks, though it can still be accessed by police, prosecutors, and certain government agencies. Inversely, expungement completely destroys any criminal charges on one’s record, making them completely inaccessible and eliminating them from any future background checks. Expungement is most common in juveniles, underaged drinking and driving cases, and mistaken identity cases. 
Some crimes may not be eligible for sealing. There are many factors that determine an individual’s eligibility, most notably a history of prior offenses or fulfilling all previous sentence requirements. Most criminal records in the state of Colorado can be sealed under the following conditions:
As mentioned earlier, expungement is typically reserved for juvenile crimes. Though in some rare cases, victims of human trafficking can petition for eligibility to have their record expunged under certain circumstances. Decriminalized activities are also more likely to be expunged. 
Alternatively, there are some crimes that are not eligible for sealing or expungement in the state of Colorado. These include crimes like:
The severity of the crime typically determines the eligibility for sealing. In Colorado, felonies are not automatically sealed after any period of time and require active petitioning with the court. All individuals who wish to seal their records must follow the proper legal procedures.
In Colorado, the legal process starts with determining your eligibility for sealing. This is typically determined by the type of crime, the outcome, and whether or not all legal obligations were fulfilled.

How Can the Datz Law Firm Help Seal Your Record?

The importance of a skilled legal team by your side is invaluable. The legal process surrounding record sealing can be lengthy, and, at times, fairly complicated. The Datz Law Firm is able to provide resolute legal representation that can greatly benefit your case. Our attorneys have the experience and knowledge required to help guide you toward the most favorable outcome. For a consultation, do not hesitate to reach out. The Datz Law Firm is here to help. Come see how our team of successful, determined lawyers can help get your record sealed. 

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