Many students unexpectedly find themselves faced with a suspension, expulsion, or other action by a school that seems unfair and unwarranted. Many times, these actions by a school can have significant and life-changing impacts on a student’s future. The experienced attorneys at The Datz Law Firm can help you assess whether a school’s intended action is legally justified. We will aggressively advocate for you and your child when a school takes unfair and excessive actions.

How We Can Help

The school disciplinary process can be intimidating and emotional for your family. At The Datz Law Firm we will advise your family about your student’s rights in the disciplinary process and about how to approach the process and prepare for the hearing. We can represent your student at the disciplinary hearing, which may involve questioning witnesses and reviewing evidence. We will ensure that the disciplinary proceeding is conducted impartially, and that a complete and accurate administrative record is established in case your student has to go to court.

We Advocate for Alternatives to Suspension and Expulsion

At The Datz Law Firm we believe that schools should evaluate student behavioral problems on a case-by-case basis and should use alternatives to removal from school. Under Colorado law, school officials do not have to punish your child with suspension or expulsion. In fact, studies show that when schools use supportive, compassionate, and solution-oriented approaches to discipline, both students and schools thrive.

Schools officials are often more likely to negotiate and are more receptive to alternatives to suspension or expulsion when families are proactive in the process, which can include hiring an attorney to represent your child.

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