Restraining Order

The need for a civil protection order, also known as a restraining order, may arise in many different situations. You can seek a civil protection order if you are a victim of harassment, stalking, threats, or physical harm. Conversely, if someone is trying to file a protection order against you, it could change your life forever. The court process related to seeking or defending a protection order can be intimidating. It is generally in your best interest to seek the assistance of an experienced protection order attorney to handle your case.

What Is A Civil Protection Order?

A civil protection order is a court order that can limit or completely prevent one person from having contact with another person. A restraining order can protect an adult, a child, and even an animal. At The Datz Law Firm, we use our experience as former prosecutors to help clients get the assistance and protection they need from the legal system.

Civil Protection Order vs. Criminal Protection Order

criminal protection order prevents a person charged with a crime from contacting, harassing, or tampering with the alleged victim of that crime. This type of protection order is automatically ordered by the court when the Defendant is advised of his or her rights at arraignment or first appearance and lasts through final resolution of the case.

In contrast, a civil protection order is brought by an individual against another individual. Initially, this type of protection order lasts only for a few days, until it can be made permanent at a hearing where each party can present witnesses and evidence before a judge. A permanent protection order can last forever.

Our Attorneys Can Defend You Against a Protection Order

Though many allegations have merit, it is an unfortunately reality that people file false protection orders and that some protection orders are issued based on questionable testimony and evidence. If served with a restraining order, your world can be turned upside down instantly: you can be removed from your home and children, prohibited from owning a firearm, and the protection order may show up on a background check. And if you violate a protection order, jail time is a very real possibility. Do not fall victim to a system that allows the use of protection orders as a sword rather than a shield. Call us for help.

How To Get A Protection Order

The protection order process begins when the person seeking protection goes to the courthouse to ask a judge for a temporary protection order. It is helpful to have an attorney present at this hearing to explain to the judge why your situation meets the legal standard for granting a protection order. The Datz Law Firm can help you to quickly obtain a temporary protection order and serve it on the person who is threatening, harassing, or harming you.

A few weeks after the temporary order is granted, the judge will hold a hearing to determine whether to make the order permanent. This hearing is like a trial: both parties will have a chance to present arguments, evidence, and witnesses. This hearing can be contentious, emotional, and sometimes confusing, so having an attorney to represent you can be a tremendous benefit. The stakes are high: a permanent protection order can last forever.

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