Divorce in Broomfield, CO: Dissolution of Marriage

Ending a marriage can be difficult, as divorce can impact some of the most important and precious things to people, including their children and assets. In fact, even when partners split amicably, divorce cases can quickly sour and become very contentious as issues of custody, support payments and property division arise.

At The Datz Law Firm, our Broomfield divorce lawyers understand how distressing and complicated divorce can be, and we are here to give you confidence, aggressive legal advocacy, and the best possible representation throughout the process. Our goal is to help you resolve your divorce as favorably as possible so you can focus on your future.

Division of Property in Colorado Divorce

The experienced Broomfield divorce lawyers at The Datz Law Firm are skilled at helping people bring their divorce cases to successful resolutions.

The experienced Broomfield divorce lawyers at The Datz Law Firm are skilled at helping people bring their divorce cases to successful resolutions.

One of the more contentious aspects of divorce cases can be the division of the marital property. Before the property can be split up, however, a determination will have to be made regarding what the martial property entails (versus what constitutes separate property).

In general, martial property will be any property that was acquired during the course of the marriage while separate property will be that either party had prior to the marriage. There are some exceptions to this, and distinguishing between marital versus separate property can be more complicated when such property has been comingled. When it is difficult to determine the marital versus separate property in a divorce, having an attorney defending your interests will be essential.

Once the marital property versus separate property has been determined:

  • If divorcing parties can agree on how to split up the marital property, the court will generally honor/uphold these agreements.
  • When no agreement can be reached, the court will step in to resolve the property division disputes. In these cases, the court will aim to make an equitable (or fair) division.

Support Payment Obligations

Payment obligations between divorcing parties can be another major point of contention in divorce cases. With these obligations, the court typically uses some very specific (and complicated) calculations to determine whether the obligation exists and, if so, how much these payments should be (and for how long they should be paid). Specifically:

  • Child support payments will be calculated based on both parents’ income, as the court sees both parents as having the financial responsibility to support their child(ren).
  • Spousal maintenance payments (or spousal maintenance) will be awarded based on various factors, including the duration of the marriage, the standard of living during the marriage and the age/health of partner seeking maintenance.

Broomfield Divorce Lawyers at The Datz Law Firm

Are you ready to move forward with a divorce? If so, the lawyers at The Datz Law Firm are ready to provide you with superior representation. At The Datz Law Firm:

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