All Family Law Matters – Divorce, Child Support, Child Custody, Maintenance, Parenting Time, Post-Decree Issues.
Having spent over a decade working with crime victims, we have far too often seen the negative effects of conflict within families. Divorce runs the risk of permanently tearing families apart. This risk is heightened when children are involved.

Our philosophy at The Datz Law Firm is zealous, yet compassionate advocacy when it comes to Family Law cases. We do not believe in a “scorched earth” approach to family law, as this approach often only hurts our clients. We believe unjustified and unnecessary aggressive behavior will only run up legal fees and destroy any real prospect of cooperation between parties. We fight for our clients’ rights, but with an understanding that all efforts should be made to maintain positive family relationships in the future. Sometimes this may not be possible, but it’s our belief that it is always worth striving towards.

We believe in making every effort to maintain open and positive lines of communication with opposing parties. Negotiation and mediation are cornerstones to our approach, molded by our years of handling the most difficult criminal cases, where real lives were at stake.

The Colorado and local court rules regarding family law issues such as divorce (or dissolution of marriage, as it’s referred to in Colorado) can be daunting. We are committed to reducing the stress in what almost always will be a stressful situation.