Post-Divorce Issues

Divorce can end a marriage. It may not, however, permanently resolve the legal issues between the former couple. As life circumstances evolve, new issues can arise, and exes may need to seek changes to court orders issued during their divorce.

At The Datz Law Firm, our Broomfield family lawyers are experienced at representing clients in any type of post-divorce matter. Whether you need to seek or dispute a modification related to existing custody orders, support payment orders or other court orders, our attorneys are ready to advise and guide you at every step of the process, aggressively protecting your interests as we work relentlessly to obtain the best resolution possible.

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Spousal Support Modifications

Parties paying or receiving spousal support can request a modification of these payments when changing circumstances necessitate it. The grounds for requesting a modification of spousal support in Colorado can include (and may not be limited to) significant and continuing changes impacting either party’s:

  • Income, assets or property – Losing a job or having to file for bankruptcy are a few examples of these types of financial changes.
  • Child-related expenses – These expenses can increase when, for instance, one party may have another child.

Please be aware, however, that a final divorce decree may stipulate that spousal support cannot be changed in the future. If this is the case, it may not be possible to request a modification of these payments.

Child Custody Modifications

If parents need to modify parenting time arrangements, a Motion to Modify Parenting Time will need to be filed with the court. Typically, there will need to be a legitimate reason for requesting a modification, like (but not limited to):

  • A parent is moving.
  • A parent has developed a new health impairment or condition.
  • A parent has been convicted of a crime and/or has been incarcerated.
  • A child is in danger under the provisions of the current parenting plan.

It is also important to point out that:

  • When modifying parenting time arrangements, the court may also make changes to child support orders and/or orders related to each parent’s decision-making authority for the child.
  • Generally, the court will only consider motions for custody modification two years after the date of a previous motion (unless the current situation endangers the child’s wellbeing). This means that, if a parent has sought a custody modification within the past two years, (s)he will typically have to wait until two years have passed (from the date of the previous modification) to seek another change to these orders.

Child Support Modifications

  • For modifications to existing child support orders, one parent must be able to establish a substantial and ongoing change affecting his or her circumstances and finances. Specifically, grounds for requesting child support modifications in Colorado can include (but may not be limited to) the following:
    • Either parent has experienced a substantial change in income due to, for instance, job loss or disability.
    • There has been a significant change in the costs of raising a child due to, for instance, the child developing a new condition associated with additional health care costs.
    • There has been a substantial change in the parenting time arrangement.

    Here, it’s important for parents to understand that:

    • They must continue making their child support payments until the court issues a ruling regarding their modification request.
    • It could take up to six months for the court to review and rule on a motion to modify child support.

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