Uniquely Qualified to Represent Colorado Law Enforcement, through the FOP Legal Defense Fund

The legal practice of The Datz Law Firm is dedicated to the zealous representation of FOP members in Colorado. Mr. Datz is an experienced former prosecutor from the 17 th Judicial District, so he is uniquely qualified to help support and defend law enforcement officers inside and outside of the administrative process.

Lawyers Representing Colorado Law Enforcement

At The Datz Law Firm, we have profound respect for the work that Colorado’s law enforcement officers do. In exchange for your service and sacrifice, we promise to put in the time, effort, and energy to ensure the best possible outcome for your job-related administrative matter.

The Representation that You Deserve

No one should have to meet their attorney moments before walking into an administrative hearing. You have earned the right to have the very best legal representation. Put us to work for you.

We are conveniently located in Broomfield, CO and we are always willing to sit down and talk with you about your case and the concerns that you might have. You made the decision to serve the State of Colorado. You deserve a firm that is dedicated to serving you.

Service on Your Schedule

We are committed to breaking the mold of the traditional law firm. The philosophy of our practice rests on open and available communication. We recognize and appreciate most officers work irregular hours, including graveyard shifts. In light of this reality, we will always be flexible when it comes to meeting times and locations.

Our commitment is to promptly return phone calls and email correspondence, regardless of the hour of the day or night. We will not only make ourselves available to you by appointment, but our offices will always be open to FOP clients.