Make Plans Now to Avoid a July 4th DUI Arrest, CDOT Warns Motorists

Make Plans Now to Avoid a July 4th DUI Arrest, CDOT Warns Motorists

As you plan for barbeques, parties and other festivities to celebrate Independence Day in 2016, make sure you don’t forget about protecting your personal freedom by planning now to avoid driving while impaired this weekend, authorities at the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) are now warning motorists.

That’s because, starting tomorrow, police and state troopers will be stepping up their efforts to crackdown on suspected drunk and stoned drivers. This year’s July 4th DUI enforcement effort will reportedly run through Tuesday, July 5th and will involve saturation patrols, as well as sobriety checkpoints.

Elaborating on authorities’ efforts and concerns for the coming holiday weekend, CDOT Transportation Safety Director Darrell Lingk has stated1:

Over the holiday weekend, we are simply asking that Coloradans act responsibly while enjoying their time with friends and family… We want everyone to get to and from their celebrations safely and plan ahead if they will be using alcohol or marijuana. Designate a sober driver or use an alternate form of transportation — there are so many ways to get around safely, there’s really no reason to drive impaired.

Tips for Avoiding a July 4th DUI Arrest

Given that law enforcement officers across Colorado are focused on making DUI arrests over the next five days or so, here are some plans to try to put in place now – before you start celebrating this weekend with alcohol and/or other substances:

  • Ask a friend or loved one to be your sober driver.
  • Hire a driver to take you to and from the party – While this can be taxi driver or ride sharing driver, it can also be a limo or party bus driver. In fact, hiring a bus or limo driver can be a solution if you and a group of people are all looking for sober drivers.
  • Book a room somewhere or plan to stay with the host of the party so you don’t have to worry about transportation when the party’s over.
  • Plan to keep the festivities at or near your home.

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1: Remarks made ahead of the 2015 July 4th DUI crackdown in Colorado