When Colorado DUIs result in jail or prison time

When Colorado DUIs result in jail or prison time

Maybe – whether jail or prison time is required in your Colorado DUI case will depend on a number of different factors, including (but not limited to):

  • The outcome of the DUI case – Of course, if you are convicted of a DUI (rather than the case being dismissed or ending in an acquittal), it will be far more likely that you will have to serve at least some jail time. It’s important to also understand that agreeing to plea deals to resolve DUI cases can also lead to jail time (depending, of course, on the details of the deal).
  • Whether you have been convicted of a DUI before – If you have even one prior DUI conviction on your record (even if that conviction occurred in another state), the chances you have to spend some time in jail for the next DUI, again, will  increase. And, with more priors on a record, the chances of jail (or prison) time only increase.
  • Whether the incident involved a crash, injuries or fatalities – Regardless of whether you have priors, if your DUI involved an accident, injuries or a death, the possibility of incarceration will, again, escalate.
  • Whether you successfully complete all of the terms of your probation – After a DUI case has been adjudicated, there can still be a lingering chance of having to serve some time in jail, and all of the terms of the DUI probation will have to be satisfied in order to eliminate this possibility. In other words, if you violate your DUI probation in any way, you can be immediately sent to jail (and you may even be charged with additional criminal offenses).

Jail Time for Colorado DUIs: More Important Info

  • Jail following a DUI arrest – While the above factors focus on when jail may be ordered by the courts following the adjudication of a DUI case, of course, drivers may have to spend some time in jail immediately following their arrest (i.e., before their case ever goes to court). Although this jail time can be unavoidable, contacting an attorney ASAP can be the key to getting out of jail and starting to protect your rights and interests immediately.
  • Possibility for deferred jail sentences – Although jail can be ordered when DUI cases end in plea deals or convictions, in some cases, it can be possible to arrange for deferred jail time – i.e., jail sentences that are suspended as long as someone successfully completes the other terms of his or her DUI probation. An experienced attorney can be pivotal in working out these types of arrangements to minimize (or eliminate) the need to have to serve jail time for a Colorado DUI.

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