The Consequences of Missing a Court Date in a Colorado DUI Case

The Consequences of Missing a Court Date in a Colorado DUI Case

When you miss a court date in your DUI case, your absence will be noted as a “failure to appear,” and the presiding judge will likely issue a bench warrant for you.

An active bench warrant can basically mean that:

  • You will be arrested immediately if you are stopped by police for any reason.
  • The warrant for your arrest will be public record, available for anyone who runs a background check on you to see.
  • Any bond that you have paid to get out of jail can be revoked, and the judge can change the conditions of your release if (s)he deems it appropriate.
  • Future bail amounts for your case will typically be higher.

In these situations, retaining a defense attorney – and being proactive about resolving the bench warrant and the DUI case – can be critical to avoiding further legal complications and being able to move on to a bright future.

DUI Court Dates & Appearances: More Important Information

  • If you can’t make a court date, you can request a continuance – So, in other words, if you know in advance that you aren’t going to be able to appear for the arraignment (or some other court date) in your DUI case, you can – and should – request that the date be postponed (i.e., continued on another date). Making these requests upfront can save a lot of time and headaches later.
  • Your attorney can appear on your behalf – If you have the representation of a DUI lawyer, your lawyer can appear for you, precluding a failure to appear and a bench warrant.
  • The arraignment may just be the first court date associated with your case – In fact, the arraignment, which is when the official charges against a defendant are read and when the defendant enters a plea to those charges, kicks off the DUI court process. Following the arraignment there may be various hearings, as well as a trial, for which the defendant has to appear in court. If, however, the case is resolved before trial via a plea deal, then the next court appearance will likely be to change the plea and receive the court’s decision regarding the deal.

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