Ignition Interlock Devices for DUIs: FAQs (Pt. 1)

Ignition interlock devices can be required on people’s cars when they have been convicted of drunk driving (or some other offense). While people may be aware of what these devices are, they likely have questions regarding how these devices work, when they will be required and what it takes to maintain them in order to satisfy the courts.

We’ll provide some answers to these and other questions about ignition interlock devices and DUIs in this blog series. If you have recently been arrested for DUI and have some questions about your defense, your rights and your best options for resolving the case, the Broomfield DUI defense lawyers at The Datz Law Firm welcome you to contact us today. We are happy to answer your questions, clarify the process and assist you in obtaining the best possible resolution to your case.

Q – How do ignition interlock devices work?

These FAQs answer some common questions people have about ignition interlock devices when they are charged with DUI. Call us for more answers specific to your case.

These FAQs answer some common questions people have about ignition interlock devices when they are charged with DUI. Call us for more answers specific to your case.

A – In basic terms, ignition interlock devices work by requiring people to submit a breath sample in order to start their vehicles. Essentially, these devices will instantly check if a person has alcohol in his system and, if so, will not allow that person to turn on the vehicle.

Once the vehicle has been started with an alcohol-free breath sample, then the device will usually also require periodic samples to be submitted as the vehicle is being driven.

Q – What happens if I try to get someone else to breathe into the device?

A – This is a common way that people may try to get around having to breathe into their ignition interlock devices.

If people get someone else to submit a breath sample into their ignition interlock devices and this does end up starting the car, these people can ultimately run into problems within minutes of driving because these devices require the submission of periodic breath samples.

Look for the additional installments of this blog series to learn more about ignition interlock devices for DUIs.

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