Heightened DUI Enforcement in CO to Continue Through 2015

Heightened DUI Enforcement in CO to Continue Through 2015

Over the entire month of December, law enforcement authorities in Colorado will be stepping their DUI enforcement efforts, continuing to crack down on motorists suspected of impairment. These efforts, which are part of the statewide The Heat Is On DUI campaign, specifically include:

  • The Holiday Office Party crackdown (over the first half of December), which is being backed by at least 70 local law enforcement agencies and the Colorado State Patrol (CSP)
  • The LEAF December crackdown (over the entire month), which is being supported by nearly 30 local law enforcement agencies
  • The Christmas & New Year’s crackdown (starting on Christmas Eve and continuing through New Year’s Day), which is currently backed by more than 20 local law enforcement agencies, though these numbers will likely to grow as December proceeds.

Explaining the importance of these heightened DUI patrols, CSP Chief Col. Scott Hernandez has stated:

No one should have to deal with being arrested or losing a loved one around the holidays…CSP and all the local law enforcement agencies hope drivers make the right decision before heading to their holiday parties this year and find a sober driver or an alternate way home.

Darrell Lingk, Director of Transportation Safety at the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT), has expressed similar concerns, nothing that

Everyone deserves the chance for a safe, wonderful holiday…The second someone chooses to drive impaired, they not only put their own lives at risk but also the lives of every other driver on the roadway.

Plan Now to Avoid a Holiday DUI

Understanding that Colorado authorities will be on the hunt to arrest impaired drivers throughout the month of December, here are some things to do now to minimize your chances of a DUI arrest as you celebrate the holidays this year:

  • As you make plans to celebrate the holidays with colleagues, family or others, make sure that setting up a sober ride is part of your plans if you will be drinking alcohol during these festivities.
  • When planning for a sober ride does not work out, figure out if you can stay somewhere close to the party – like at a local hotel.
  • If you will be on the roads during the holiday season, know what to do during a DUI stop in order to protect your rights and avoid giving officers potential evidence of impairment.
  • If you end up being arrested for and accused of impaired driving, contact an attorney at the Datz Law Firm for a strong DUI defense ASAP.

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