Family Law

At The Datz Law Firm, our Broomfield family lawyers understand how distressing and complicated family legal issues can be, and we are here to give you confidence, aggressive legal advocacy, and the best possible representation while helping you resolve these disputes. Our goal is to help you resolve your family legal matters as favorably as possible so you can focus on your future.

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The end of a marriage can raise various sensitive and potentially contentious issues, from dividing up the marital property to support payments and more. Whether you are ready to pursue a legal separation or a divorce in Broomfield County, the attorneys at The Datz Law Firm will be here for you, ready to:

  • Explain your rights and options
  • Advise you on how to proceed, based on your situation, needs and legal objectives
  • Provide you with effective advocacy
  • Help you successfully navigate each phase of the process.

Post-Divorce Matters

A final divorce decree may not end the legal issues between former couples. As life changes, disputes over spousal support and other matters can bring exes back to court. Whether you are seeking a modification or termination of a matter related to your divorce, The Datz Law Firm is ready to advise, guide and represent you at each step.

Child Custody

Custody involves two important aspects of the parent-child relationship:

  1. Parenting time or the physical time parents have with a child
  2. Decision-making authority or the legal right to make important choices regarding a child’s upbringing.

Colorado custody law is gender neural and works to serve the best interests of the involved child(ren). Nevertheless, the representation of a skilled attorney can make a big impact on the resolution of custody disputes.

Child Support

During and after custody disputes, child support payments can be a major point of contention. Typically, the court uses very specific (and complicated) calculations to determine child support obligations, considering factors like (but not limited to):

  • The parenting time division
  • The income of each parent
  • The financial obligations each parent already has.

Whether you are seeking to obtain, enforce, modify or terminate child support orders, The Datz Law Firm can help you.


Domestic Violence

While painful issues can arise in any divorce, domestic violence allegations can be especially difficult.

If you or your children are the targets of abuse or domestic violence, obtaining protection orders can be an important first step towards safety. The attorneys at The Datz Law Firm are experienced at helping clients in abusive situations obtain the legal protections and court orders they need to safeguard themselves.

While many domestic violence allegations are true, family legal issues may trigger false allegations – like in divorce or custody disputes when one party leverages allegations to sway the court and case. If you find yourself wrongly accused of domestic violence during a family legal dispute, The Datz Law Firm can vigorously advocate your rights while helping you fight the allegations and protect your reputation.

Family Law