The stories are all too familiar, yet still hard to believe because the people the stories are about seem to live normal lives, and there have never been any warning signs there was trouble in a broken marriage or relationship. One such recent story out of East Pennsboro Township, Pennsylvania documents a troubled husband, who shot and killed his wife that was trying to flee the couple’s home. The husband then went into the backyard and shot himself. Police say the case is troubling, because neighbors haven’t ever reported disturbances, nor have the police ever been called to the house.

“If it’s never reported and you never get anybody in any system, then it’s hard to prevent what happened yesterday,” said East Pennsboro Township police Chief Mark Green.1

What Are The Signs Of Domestic Abuse To Look For?

Domestic Violence Signs Identified by Experts | Broomfield Property Crime Defense Attorney

Domestic Violence Signs Identified by Experts | Broomfield Property Crime Defense Attorney

The most important thing for both future perpetrators and victims to realize is that domestic violence can happen to anyone.

  • One of the experts with the Pennsylvania Coalition Against Domestic Violence said sometimes there are no warning signs, before physical abuse occurs.
  • Typically, though, there are signs to look for in behaviors, including:
    • Abuser has a controlling behavior
    • Abuser is demeaning and belittling to victim
    • Abuser is oftentimes jealous and accuses victim of cheating
    • Abusers blame the victims for abuse
    • Abusers tell victims what kind of clothes to wear and how to look
    • Abusers will sometimes threaten to kill the victims or their family or friends
    • Abusers will throw items in the home, or punch furniture and walls
    • Changes in appearance or personality from the victim
    • Victim can seem scared or confused
    • Victim is often too scared to say what they think or feel
    • Victims are often afraid to tell their abuser “no” to sex

Domestic Violence Abusers Also Like To Control Finances

Experts agree that domestic violence abusers like to even control the purse strings in a relationship. So, if you need money, you need their permission. This is another form of unhealthy control! Here are some of the ways abusers can control your money:

  • Abuser will take the victim’s cash or earnings and hide it from them
  • Abuser will take or steal and control the victim’s credit card usage
  • Abuser will prevent the victim from working a particular job they like
  • Abuser will steal money from your friends or family

Other Signs To Watch For!

The main thing to keep in mind is that if you are afraid of your partner, or your partner is afraid of you, treat that as a warning sign. If you feel you are in an abusive relationship, or you feel you are close to committing abuse on your partner, it is best to seek help. Here are a few more signs to watch for that could mean you are in an abusive relationship:

  • Abusers like to control where their victims go and who they visit
  • Abusers tend to make victims ask for permission to go places or to visit someone
  • Abusers will put victims down in front of others, making victims not want to go out into public
  • Abusers will abandon victims in a place they are unfamiliar with
  • Abusers will prevent their victims from sleeping, eating, or getting medical help
  • Abusers like to lock their victims in rooms
  • Abusers push, punch, kick, bite, pull hair

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1“Domestic Violence Signs To Look For, According To An Expert” published in Channel 8 WGAL News, June 2018.