Here’s the conclusion to our blog series Colorado Underage DUIs: 6 Facts to Know.

Colorado Underage DUIs: Additional Important Facts

Fact 5 – The penalties for convictions of Colorado underage DUIs can be far more extensive than what the court orders.

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While we’ve highlighted a lot about Colorado underage DUIs in terms of the potential penalties that courts can impose following convictions, it’s crucial for people facing these charges to realize that the impacts of conviction can go much further than simply the court-ordered penalties.

In fact, some of the additional, non-court-ordered penalties that people may have to contend with after conviction can include (but may not be exclusive to):

  • Losing higher education opportunities – If convictions for Colorado underage DUIs come before or as people are applying for colleges, these convictions can result in people being automatically denied entrance into their preferred college, university and/or trade school.
  • Losing scholarships – Funding opportunities for higher education can also disappear after people are convicted of Colorado underage DUIs. While this can include being ineligible for or losing scholarships, and it can also involve not qualifying for certain types of loans or grants due to the DUI conviction.
  • Losing career options – In some cases, convictions for Colorado underage DUIs can preclude people from pursuing the careers of their dreams, such as careers in politics or law enforcement.

Fact 6 – For the best defense against underage DUI charges in Colorado, contact the Datz Law Firm.

This is the single most important fact to know if you or your child has been arrested for or charged with a Colorado underage DUI. The facts are that, when it comes to Colorado underage DUIs:

  • People are innocent until proven guilty in the eyes of the law.
  • There can be various, viable defense strategies that may be effective at favorably resolving these cases.
  • Our Broomfield DUI attorneys are skilled at aggressively defending the rights of people accused of drunk driving, and we know how to build the strongest possible defense cases.

So, if your child is facing underage DUI charges, let us help protect his or her future by crafting the best DUI defense.

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