If your minor has been arrested for drunk driving, here’s what you need to know about Colorado underage DUIs. Contact us for the strongest DUI defense.

If your minor has been arrested for drunk driving, here’s what you need to know about Colorado underage DUIs. Contact us for the strongest DUI defense.

Although Colorado has zero tolerance laws for underage drinking and driving, young motorists still make the mistake of getting behind the wheel after they’ve consumed alcohol. When these drivers are caught, arrested and charged with underage DUIs, the impacts of possible convictions can be serious.

Taking a closer look at how DUI cases and penalties can be different for people who are under 21 years old, this this blog series, we will point out some important facts to know about Colorado underage DUIs.

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Important Info about Colorado Underage DUIs

Fact 1 – The legal limits for Colorado underage DUIs is ¼ of what it is for of-age motorists.

While the legal limit for motorists who are 21 and older is 0.08, the legal limit for drivers who are younger than 21 is 0.02. This means that, if law enforcement officials pull over motorists who are under 21 and these drivers have BACs of 0.02 or greater, they can be arrested for and charged with an underage DUI (which may also be referred to as underage drunk driving or UDD).

This means that, depending on a person’s weight (among other factors), it can take as little as one or two beers to put an underage person over the legal limit for driving.

Fact 2 – Minors’ BACs at the time of their arrest can impact the severity of penalties they face if they are convicted of Colorado underage DUIs.

It’s true that 0.02 is the legal limit for Colorado underage DUIs; however, as underage drivers’ blood alcohol concentrations (BACs) increase, the nature of the potential penalties they may face can also be harsher. The following table highlights the general penalties imposed for convictions of Colorado underage DUIs, based on people’s BAC levels at the time of their arrest (and based on the assumption that this is a first-time DUI).

BAC Level Penalties Upon Conviction
0.02 to less than 0.05 – 3-mo. Driver’s license suspension- Community service

– Court fines


0.05 or greater – 5 days of incarceration- Fines between $600 and $1,000

– 9-mo. Driver’s license suspension

– Community service

– Other penalties


So, when minors are convicted of Colorado underage DUIs and they had BACs of 0.05 or greater at the time of their arrest, they can face the same penalties as those who are 21 or older and who are convicted of drunk driving.

We’ll continue revealing some important information about Colorado underage DUIs in the two additional installments of this blog series that will be published soon. Be sure to check them out!

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