After being arrested for and/or convicted of a DUI, people will likely face DUI probation, which essentially is a court-supervised period during which these individuals are required to abide by certain restrictions.

Given that the terms of Colorado DUI probation can be strict – and that violating these terms can result in more legal problems, below, we’ll reveal what you should know about DUI probation in Colorado if you or someone you love is facing DUI charges.

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Important Info about DUI Probation in Colorado

1 – There are two types of DUI probation in Colorado.

An experienced Broomfield DUI & criminal defense attorney reveals some important facts to know about DUI probation in Colorado. Contact us for a strong DUI defense.

An experienced Broomfield DUI & criminal defense attorney reveals some important facts to know about DUI probation in Colorado. Contact us for a strong DUI defense.

These specifically include:

  • A pre-trial DUI probation, which continues while a case is pending and will only end when the case has been resolved – In general, this type of DUI probation in Colorado will last anywhere from 2 to 8 months (depending on how long it takes to resolve a given case), and it will typically require people to not break any more laws and/or consume alcohol/intoxicants.
  • A post-conviction DUI probation, which can last for 1 to 4 years, depending on the specifics of the case (such as whether aggravating factors were involved, the individual has prior DUI convictions, etc.).

2 – Random drug/alcohol testing is typically a part of Colorado DUI probation.

For both pre-trial and post-conviction DUI probation in Colorado, people are generally required to submit to random alcohol/drug testing to verify they are remaining sober during these periods of time. While the frequency of this testing can vary from case to case, failing these tests can cause a person’s probation to be revoked and, in turn, that person being immediately remanded to jail.

3 – There may be various other terms to post-conviction DUI probation in Colorado.

In addition to random drug/alcohol testing, post-conviction DUI probation in Colorado can also come with the following requirements (which, again, can vary, depending on the specifics of a case/an individual’s criminal record):

  • Ignition interlock requirements, which can be for one to two years
  • Completion of an alcohol education program, the costs of which the convicted individual will have to cover
  • Completion of court-ordered community service.

Additionally, as with probation for other offenses, DUI probation in Colorado usually also prohibits people from:

  • Committing new crimes
  • Hanging out with people known to be engaged in criminal activity
  • Not complying with any part of their court-ordered sentence.

4 – Violating your Colorado DUI probation can cause you some new, possibly serious legal problems.

In fact, while a DUI probation violation in Colorado can send someone immediately to jail, it can also result in new criminal charges being filed against that person. Such charges can include “probation violation” charges, along with additional charges if the alleged violation was an illegal act.

This can end up meaning that, instead of resolving the DUI case, the probation issues will end up complicating a person’s legal problems, possibly causing him to have to defend himself against new allegations moving forward.

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