The Datz Law Firm has extensive experience in litigating cases surrounding the sexual abuse of both adults and children. Victims of sexual abuse experience unique physical and emotional trauma that is rarely understood by those unaffected. Frequently, these victims are reluctant to disclose their abuse for a variety of reasons. These reasons could include fear of retaliation, fear of public embarrassment, personal shame, or self-loathing.

While some people may challenge the credibility of those who delay an outcry of sexual abuse, we at The Datz Law Firm understand the complexity of this most private violation. We are fully committed to the confidential and compassionate representation of sexual assault victims.

In order to ensure that these perpetrators are held fully and financially responsible for their crimes, we pick up where the criminal prosecution leaves off. Under Colorado law, sexual assault victims have the right to pursue a civil action in conjunction with whatever criminal proceedings have taken place. Additionally, even a “not guilty” verdict in criminal trial does not preclude a sexual assault victim from seeking justice through a civil action.

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