CDOT Studies How Portable Breathalyzers May Impact Drivers’ Choices after Consuming Alcohol

CDOT Studies How Portable Breathalyzers May Impact Drivers’ Choices after Consuming Alcohol

Focused on helping all motorists make life-saving choices, officials at the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) are currently conducting a DUI study to assess how access to portable breathalyzer devices may affect drivers’ choices to get behind the wheel after drinking alcohol.

According to CDOT, researchers are providing the 200 participants with portable breathalyzers (which operate via smartphones and have been provided by BACtrack, a partner in this study). Over the course of the next two months, the study’s participants will be asked to complete three short surveys in order to reveal if or when drivers:

  • Actually used the portable breathalyzer device to evaluate their BAC when they are out drinking
  • Decided whether or not to drive, based on the breathalyzer results.

The goals, according to CDOT, are to determine:

  • Whether motorists will take advantage of the technology to keep track of what their BACs are when they are out drinking
  • Whether drivers will make safe choices, based on this information
  • The degree to which portable breathalyzers may be effective at promoting more drivers to make safe choices when it comes to not drinking and driving.

Providing more insight into the goals of this study, Sam Cole, CDOT Communications Manager, has explained that:

We know that even a few drinks can be dangerous, and we hope that smartphone breathalyzers can help drinkers know their own limits and make the safe decision about driving.

Similarly, Stacey Sachs, VP of Marketing at BACtrack, has noted that:

We believe that technology combined with knowledge is a powerful tool. Our BACtrack Mobile can help people make the right decisions — especially during the summer months when it’s relaxing to sit outside and enjoy a few drinks.

CDOT expects to have preliminary study results ready as soon as this fall. As soon as those results are released, we’ll report them to you here, in our blogs. In the meantime, we’d love to hear what you think about this study – and whether you think portable breathalyzers will be an effective DUI deterrent – on Facebook & Google+.

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