Domestic violence allegations can complicate divorce and cases. Whenever domestic violence accusations arise in a family law case, the representation of anMan-pulling-wifes-hair experienced Boulder lawyer at The Datz Law Firm can be pivotal to:

  • Protecting your rights and interests
  • Helping you achieve the best possible outcome to the family law case and any other case that may arise from the allegations.

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What Is Considered to Be Domestic Violence?

According to Colorado law, domestic violence can be any act of physical violence against a spouse or another party involved in an intimate relationship with someone.

Physical contact, however, does not have to occur for domestic violence to exist. Threats, harassment, property damage and other actions can also constitute to domestic violence under Colorado law.

What Happens When Domestic Violence Allegations Arise in Divorce or Custody Cases?

Colorado law recognizes children’s rights to grow up in safe environments that are free of domestic violence, abuse and neglect. As such, the Colorado family courts take all allegations of domestic violence and abuse seriously.

Consequently, when one party accuses a spouse or the other parent of domestic violence in a divorce or child custody case, the court may:

  • Order additional hearings to determine the voracity of the allegations before issuing a ruling in the divorce or custody case – During a hearing, both parties (the accuser and the accused) will have the opportunity to present evidence and arguments regarding the domestic violence allegations.
  • Issue temporary protection orders and/or custody orders – These orders typically remain in place to protect the alleged victims until the court can make a determination regarding the allegations. In some cases, the court may issue these orders on the same day they are requested.1

Domestic Violence Was an Issue in My Marriage. What Can I Do to Protect Myself & My Children When Filing for Divorce?

If your or your child’s wellbeing is in danger due to threat of domestic violence or abuse, it’s crucial to:

  • Seek emergency protection and custody orders as soon as possible – These orders can provide short-term safeguards as you prepare to take the next steps, like filing for divorce or seeking a long-term protection order from the court.
  • Retain the representation of an experienced family law attorney – Given that emergency protection and custody orders are only short term and that domestic violence allegations can have significant impacts on a divorce and/or custody case, it can be essential to have the guidance of an experienced lawyer, who can safeguard your rights while helping you successfully navigate the next steps.

I Have Been Accused of Domestic Violence in a Divorce or Custody Case. What Can I Do to Defend Myself?

Hiring an attorney can be the single best way to protect your rights and reputation – as well as the outcome of a pending family law case – if you have been accused of domestic violence. While many domestic violence allegations are true, it’s also not uncommon for these accusations to be falsely made by one party in an effort to gain the upper hand in a divorce or custody case.

Given that these allegations can have far-reaching impacts – possibly even resulting in criminal charges, the advocacy of an experienced lawyer at The Datz Law Firm can be integral to:

  • Proving when these allegations have been falsely made
  • Minimizing the potential negative impacts these allegations can have on a family law case
  • Achieving the best possible resolutions and moving on to a brighter future.

Dealing with Domestic Violence in a Family Law Case? Contact an Experienced Boulder Family Law Attorney at The Datz Law Firm

If domestic violence is an issue in your divorce or child custody case, contact a Boulder family law attorney at The Datz Law Firm for extraordinary advocacy and aggressive representation.

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At The Datz Law Firm, we know how stressful and consuming domestic violence issues can be in and outside of family law cases. That is why we are dedicated to helping our clients resolve these legal issues and get through the challenging times so they can move on with their lives.

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1: More information & forms from the Colorado Courts regarding Protection Orders