What Happens to Your Pets in a Divorce

You’ve probably heard people refer to their pets as their “babies,” and you may even do so yourself. Even if you don’t consider your pets to be your “children,” you’ve formed a special bond with [...]

Domestic Violence Signs Identified by Experts

The stories are all too familiar, yet still hard to believe because the people the stories are about seem to live normal lives, and there have never been any warning signs there was trouble in [...]

Do Police Officers Go to Jail for DUIs?

Cops are humans too, so one can assume that they are vulnerable to the same problems everyone else has; not to mention, they have a pretty stress-filled career a lot of times. Believe it or [...]

Study: Drugged Driving Now Worse Than Drunk Driving

New studies are suggesting that incidences of drugged driving (DUID) crashes have finally surpassed alcohol-related driving (DUI) accidents. The study found that 43 percent of drivers tested in fatal automobile crashes in 2015 were high [...]

Top 10 Reasons Why Driving High is Dangerous

If you think driving high is dangerous, then you are among minority in America, according to a Gallup poll. Additionally, of those polled 70 percent said they felt people who drive impaired by marijuana (DUID) [...]

15 Common Signs Cops Look for During DUI Stops

The line between pulling over a driver on suspicion of driving while ability impaired on alcohol (DUI) or drugs (DUID) is pretty thin, and even the police know this. So, it’s important to know what [...]

Top 10 Ways to Curb Drugged Driving: GHSA Recommendations

New evidence suggests that drugged driving fatalities officially surpassed the number of drunk driving deaths in car accidents. More people who died driving car accidents in 2015 tested positive for drugs in their systems than [...]

Are Lowered BAC Limits for DUIs on the Horizon?

Just in the past year or so, all 50 states have set their DUI threshold blood alcohol content (BAC) limits to .08 percent. Now, it appears the Beehive state, or as many really know it [...]

How Long Does Marijuana Stay in Your System?

There’s two very important reasons someone would want to know how long tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), or the active ingredient that makes marijuana users high, stays in your system. One is getting offered your dream job, only [...]

Do I Have to Take Field Sobriety Tests in DUI Stops?

Why it’s usually in drivers’ best interests to refuse field sobriety tests in DUI stops No, drivers are not legally required to submit to field sobriety tests during traffic stops, and refusing to [...]

3 DUI Myths You Shouldn’t Believe

3 DUI Myths You Shouldn’t Believe Believing certain myths about DUIs can be incredibly risky for those accused of impaired driving in Colorado. To reveal just why this is the case, below, we [...]

What Happens after I Miss My DUI Court Date?

The Consequences of Missing a Court Date in a Colorado DUI Case When you miss a court date in your DUI case, your absence will be noted as a “failure to appear,” and [...]

Will I Have to Go to Jail for My Colorado DUI?

When Colorado DUIs result in jail or prison time Maybe – whether jail or prison time is required in your Colorado DUI case will depend on a number of different factors, including (but [...]

Will I Lose My Driver’s License for a Colorado DUI?

How a CO DUI can affect driving privileges Whether your driver’s license will be suspended following a Colorado DUI arrest will depend on at least a few different factors, including: Whether you submitted [...]

Do States Share DUI Arrest Information with Each Other?

When states exchange DUI info States that have adopted the Interstate Driver’s License Compact (IDLC) do share DUI information (along with info about other traffic infractions) with each other. Not all states have [...]

5 Rights Motorists Have during DUI Stops

Rights Motorists Have during DUI Stops DUI stops can unsettling and even scary. When drivers understand the rights that they have during these stops, however, they can make the right choices to protect [...]

4 Things You Need to Know about DUI Police Reports

When a police interaction with anyone leads to an arrest and criminal charges, there will be a police report developed for that incident. And, the same is true when these interactions occur during traffic and [...]

Colorado DUI Probation: 4 Important Facts to Know

After being arrested for and/or convicted of a DUI, people will likely face DUI probation, which essentially is a court-supervised period during which these individuals are required to abide by certain restrictions. Given that the [...]

Where Most DUI Arrests Occur in Denver

Here’s Where the Most DUI Arrests Occur in Denver, a Recent Study Reports : Not all states are equal when it comes to making DUI arrests. In fact, although about 1.16 million DUI arrests were [...]

4 Myths about Colorado Pot DUIs Debunked

Colorado marijuana laws have had a big impact on various issues and industries in the state, with just one of these impacts being the development of specific laws regarding drugged driving. In fact, although the [...]

Colorado Underage DUIs: 6 Facts to Know (Pt. 3)

Here’s the conclusion to our blog series Colorado Underage DUIs: 6 Facts to Know. Colorado Underage DUIs: Additional Important Facts Fact 5 – The penalties for convictions of Colorado underage DUIs can be far more [...]

Colorado Underage DUIs: 6 Facts to Know (Pt. 2)

Picking up from Colorado Underage DUIs: 6 Facts to Know (Pt. 1), here, some more important info regarding DUIs for people younger than 21 will be discussed. Colorado Underage DUIs: More Important Facts Fact 3 [...]

Colorado Underage DUIs: 6 Facts to Know (Pt. 1)

If your minor has been arrested for drunk driving, here’s what you need to know about Colorado underage DUIs. Contact us for the strongest DUI defense. Although Colorado has zero tolerance laws for [...]

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