Founding Partner (Retired)

Founding Partner (Retired)


In 2013, Jon R. Fee and Jonathan P. Datz co-founded the law firm of Datz & Fee, LLC.  Jon and Jonathan met while serving together as prosecutors with the 17th Judicial District Attorney’s Office in Adams and Broomfield Counties.

Despite the growth and success of Datz & Fee, LLC, Jon Fee remained drawn to criminal prosecution. In late-January 2015, Jon returned to government practice with the 8th Judicial District Attorney’s Office in Fort Collins, Colorado.  Upon Jon’s departure, our firm name changed from Datz & Fee, LLC to The Datz Law Firm, P.C.

Jon will be very much missed, both personally and professionally.  Our firm takes great pride in knowing that Jon will continue to serve our community in his new role.

Jon remains a close friend to our firm.  Without the contributions of Jon R. Fee, The Datz Law Firm, P.C. would likely not exist.