Think you don’t have options for your DUI defense? Think again, our Broomfield DUI lawyer explains. And call us for the best DUI defense.

Think you don’t have options for your DUI defense? Think again, our Broomfield DUI lawyer explains. And call us for the best DUI defense.

When facing DUI charges, it can feel like the world is against you and like you don’t have many options.

You should be aware, however, that there may be a number of different defense options in your case (depending on the circumstances of the incident) and that an experienced DUI attorney can help you craft a strong defense.

To elucidate this point, below, we’ll reveal some highly effective DUI defense arguments. When you are ready for superior defense representation against DUI charges in Colorado, however, it is time to contact The Datz Law Firm.

Possible Defense Arguments to Fight DUI Charges

  1. There was no probable cause for the DUI stop – While probable cause could be violating a traffic law or getting into an accident, whatever it ends up being, it has to be documented in the police report. If it isn’t and the officer can’t articulate it later, this could be grounds to get the charges dropped.
  2. Alleged signs of impairment were caused by something else – Signs of impairment (such as watery eyes, speech problems, etc.) can be explained by things other than intoxication (such as allergies or other medical conditions).
  3. A failure on a field sobriety test does not definitively indicate intoxication – Field sobriety tests are not always as objective as they seem. Often times, in fact, these tests are administered or evaluated in an inconsistent way. Pointing out these facts can bring “failures” on field sobriety tests into question.
  4. The officer did not wait 20 minutes before administering BAC testing – This is standard procedure in DUI stops. So, if an officer doesn’t comply with this procedure, it can create room to question or challenge the results of the BAC test.
  5. A non-approved breathalyzer device was used – This happens more often than drivers may realize, and again, it can throw BAC test results into serious question.
  6. The breathalyzer was not calibrated prior to the test – And this can be discovered by reviewing a device’s records to see when and how often the officer has calibrated the device.
  7. Blood samples may have been contaminated – If drivers opt for blood tests during DUI stops, the samples collected have to be handled in very specific way. If they aren’t, there can be room to argue that they may have been contaminated.
  8. The lab that analyzed the blood sample(s) made mistakes – Just as police (or anyone) can make mistakes, so too can lab technicians who analyze blood samples for blood alcohol concentrations. When the lab makes mistakes, it may be possible to get BAC results dismissed or thrown out entirely.

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