Resuming 7 Divorce Tips: How to Get Through Your Divorce (Pt. 1), here, we will continue to point out some essential divorce tips that can help you smoothly get through the legal process of divorce.

More Essential Divorce Tips

Tip 3 – Be honest about your marital assets.

Considering alternatives to the traditional divorce process can be a better option for some divorcing individuals. Here are some more helpful divorce tips.

Considering alternatives to the traditional divorce process can be a better option for some divorcing individuals. Here are some more helpful divorce tips.

When divorce starts to turn ugly, it can be tempting to lie about your marital assets (like by hiding certain assets or funds) to try to get back at your ex. At all costs, you should try to avoid this temptation, as lying about, hiding or even quickly selling off your marital assets could lead to:

  • Your divorce taking a lot longer to resolve, as investigations may be conducted by your ex to try to find the hidden assets.
  • Your divorce costing a lot more, as the longer the case drags on the more expensive it will generally be.
  • You potentially facing charges of fraud (or other criminal charges).

Tip 4 – Consider alternatives like collaborative divorce or mediation.

In certain cases, divorcing partners may be able to resolve their divorce case faster by pursuing alternatives to the traditional process, such as collaborative divorce or mediation. In fact, these alternatives tend to be the best option when:

  • Couples don’t share kids.
  • Couples have little marital assets (maybe because the marriage didn’t last the long) or little marital debt.
  • Couples are able to communicate with each other.
  • Couples want to have the power to make the decisions regarding the issues of their divorce.
  • Domestic violence is not an issue in a marriage.

When these alternatives are successful, they can end up saving people a lot of time, money and stress while allowing divorcing individuals to:

  • Have a hand in deciding how the issues of their divorce should be resolved
  • Get on with their lives faster.

For some more helpful divorce tips, make sure that you look for the upcoming conclusion to this blog series!

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