Colorado marijuana laws have had a big impact on various issues and industries in the state, with just one of these impacts being the development of specific laws regarding drugged driving. In fact, although the use of recreational marijuana in the state is legal, it’s still illegal to drive under the influence of pot, and people can get DUIs for doing so.

To clear up some of the confusion around these laws, below, we’ll present the facts behind some of the most common myths about Colorado pot DUIs. If you or someone you love has been charged with any type of DUI in the state and need the best defense ASAP, however, don’t hesitate to contact a trusted Broomfield DUI attorney at The Datz Law Firm.

The Facts behind Colorado Pot DUI Myths

Myth 1 – There are no legal limits to establish marijuana impairment for drivers.

An experienced Broomfield DUI attorney dispels some common myths about Colorado pot DUIs. Contact us for the strongest DUI defense.

An experienced Broomfield DUI attorney dispels some common myths about Colorado pot DUIs. Contact us for the strongest DUI defense.

Fact – This is wrong! Currently, the legal limit that has been established for Colorado pot DUIs is 5 nanograms of THC per milliliter of blood. Because different strains of marijuana have different potencies (and different people have different tolerance levels), however, some have argued that this legal limit may not be an effective (or definitive) measurement of marijuana impairment for motorists.

Myth 2 – For Colorado pot DUIs, cops have to perform blood tests within 2 hours of the DUI stop.

Fact – Wrong again! For alcohol-related DUIs in Colorado, there is a two-hour limit within which law enforcement officials have to conduct BAC testing in order to try to establish intoxication. However, there are not currently any similar laws related to marijuana DUI stops. This is expected to change in the future, though, as legislators and law enforcement officials determine what time frame would be “reasonable” for such testing.

Myth 3 – I will lose my driver’s license if I refuse a blood test during a pot DUI stop.

Fact – Not necessarily. In fact, although a refusal to submit to a blood test during an alcohol DUI stop would result in an automatic driver’s license suspension, this automatic penalty does not apply for marijuana DUIs (yet). This is another aspect of Colorado marijuana DUI laws that may soon change, however.

Myth 4 – Colorado pot DUI cases are harder to defend than alcohol DUI cases.

Fact – This is also not necessarily true. Although marijuana DUI cases can be just as complex and challenging to defend as some alcohol DUI cases, generally, there may be some additional defense arguments that can come into play.

For instance, it can be possible to argue that arresting officers were not trained “drug recognition experts” and/or that signs of alleged impairment were related to other factors. Because law enforcement officials (and others) simply don’t have as much experience with pot DUIs (as compared with alcohol DUIs), there can be much more room for mistakes to be made and, in turn, for viable defense arguments to arise.

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