Nearly 1,200 Felony DUI Cases Filed in Colorado since the Rollout of the New Felony DUI Law

August 31, 2016

Since the new Colorado felony DUI law took effect in August 2015, prosecutors across the state have reportedly filed at least 1,177 felony DUI charges against motorists. Breaking this down, that’s about 100 new felony DUI cases filed in Colorado on a monthly basis. This is according to the latest data from the Colorado Judicial…
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Labor Day DUI Enforcement in Colorado Kicks Off this Friday, CDOT Warns

August 15, 2016

Starting on Friday, Aug. 19th, Colorado law enforcement officials will be out in full force, looking to arrest any motorists suspected of drunk or drugged driving. This heightened DUI enforcement effort is part of the statewide DUI crackdown for the 2016 Labor Day period, which will reportedly run through Tuesday, Sept. 6th. At least 94…
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