CDOT Studies How Portable Breathalyzers May Impact Drivers’ Choices after Consuming Alcohol

July 29, 2016

Focused on helping all motorists make life-saving choices, officials at the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) are currently conducting a DUI study to assess how access to portable breathalyzer devices may affect drivers’ choices to get behind the wheel after drinking alcohol. According to CDOT, researchers are providing the 200 participants with portable breathalyzers (which…
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Do I Have to Take Field Sobriety Tests in DUI Stops?

July 15, 2016

No, drivers are not legally required to submit to field sobriety tests during traffic stops, and refusing to submit to these tests: Will not trigger any automatic penalties (which is different from BAC tests) Is typically in motorists’ best interests because it will limit the amount of potential evidence authorities have against this. Explaining this…
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