More than 30 people have been arrested in connection with 17 Denver drug raids conducted by authorities today. More arrests may soon come.

More than 30 people have been arrested in connection with 17 Denver drug raids conducted by authorities today. More arrests may soon come.

Today, the North Denver Metro Drug Task Force announced that it has made 32 arrests as a result of raiding 17 locations throughout Denver. As part of these Denver drug raids and arrests, law enforcement authorities reportedly seized:

  • 8 pounds of meth
  • 3 pounds of cocaine
  • 2 pounds of heroin
  • 8 firearms.

While these Denver drug raids targeted some homes and small businesses (including a barbershop and tattoo parlor), authorities have explained that more arrests and raids may soon follow, as their investigation – known as “Operation Silence” – is ongoing.

As Sgt. Jim Gerhart has explained in relation to these Denver drug raids, “some of [the arrested] people are thought to have gang ties…these people, we would say, are significant traffickers of these drugs… if they weren’t, it wouldn’t take a year to round up this investigation.”

Denver Drug Raids May Lead to Federal Trafficking Charges

As law enforcement officials continue Operation Silence, the first round of criminal charges filed against the arrested individuals in today’s Denver drug raids may end up including federal drug trafficking charges.

In fact, depending on where the above-noted quantities of drugs were found, some of the arrested people in this case could be facing one or more of the following minimum mandatory sentences if they are ultimately charged with and convicted of federal drug charges:

Drug Schedule/Classification First Offense Penalties Second Offense Penalties
Heroin(for 100 to 999 mixed grams) Class I 5 to 40 years in prison 10 years to life in prison
Cocaine(for 500 to 4,999 mixed grams) Class II
Meth(5 to 49 pure grams; or50 to 499 mixed grams) Class II

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